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Rappers: Peter "Star-Lord" Quill from Guardians OF The Galaxy, Baby Kermit The Frog from Muppet Babies, and James P. "Sully" Sullivan from Monsters Inc.

Announcer: Sabine Wren from Star Wars: Rebels.

Scrooge McDuck: Hello me laddies and lassies!

Welcome to Toontown Alley and i'm your host Mr. Scrooge McDuck.


I'm so sick and tired of that, today we're gonna learn about The Gas Face a disgusting virus that has.......

Jessica "Jewel" Jones: GO GET A BUG PACK!

Scrooge: .......With symptoms like, the negative trifecta force the lies and the deception.

And where the lies becomes the deception? Oh!

Hey Defenders give 'em The Gas Face!

The Defenders: (Blubbering)

Peter "Star-Lord" Quill: Yo my good friend Sabine Wren step to 'em kid.

Sabine Wren: Thanks Star-Lord!

And now the leader of the Muppet Babies Baby Kermit The Fro-o-o-o-o-o-o-g!

Frog, frog frog, frog!


Baby Kermit The Frog: Gas pressed a special face playfully Muppet Babies and Guardians express the Monsters I.N.C., 3 blind mics on sight James Sullivan gave it the 1st light.

A Silly soldier flip ups the screen.

All: OH!

Baby Kermit: What a funny web they weaved, decivers fooled by a Flubber fable, say "Let's make a deal at the dinner table".

TinkerBell: Uh Mr. Iago?

Iago The Parrot: Oh come in and sit down!

So nice of you to come here and dressed for the meeting too, i like the fairy wings it's a very nice touch!

Baby Kermit: Put you on tour, put your show on TV.

Peter: TRUST ME!

Iago: Now i'm not squawking, i'm not screeching, i'm not cooing.

I can make you the most popular girls at Disney, magically!

I'll make you big, big, big, big!

1 Big for each 1 of you, and read these notes plot number 1, plot number 2, plot number 3, and plot number 4, in other words eh just go write and signing it, just go write and signing it!

And you know with the money you make i can buy you some new wands!

Baby Kermit: Sign your life to the X, your exited X overwatch you really get a batch a new fairy shoes and crazy wings.

Peter: Bam!

Baby Kermit: Just ask my friend Baby Piggy, she gets The Gas Face after taken a sippy.

Sheriff Woody rocks you with a clipper, Gas Face given but i beg to differ.

Peter: Kermit that was nice man but i gotta be serious now, hey yo Sabine step to 'em again.

Sabine: Everybody, Peter "Star-Lord" Quill.

Peter: Black cat is bad luck everybody knows that, but it was Donald Duck that started all of that.

James P. "Sully" Sullivan: MAKE THE GAS FACE!

Peter: For these little young lies, my expression is mountain is brown eyes, they formed a face just like a baseball cap dismyth the myth that evil is so wack.

But opposite spectrum listed by the Sidous with horns on his head, lay down the crazy plan got all his helpers he tell 'em "Make it snappy, tell every kid that their hair can't be colorfully".

Black and blue eyed a light skin color see?

A Disease created by the zombies, don't speak or bleach but bend them to right, a rainbow unleash the energy between the dark and the light.

So put aside through cause Star-Lord leaves a trace, with a set them correct with effect of The Gas Face.

Penny Proud: This is the DisneyToons version of The Gas Face my friend!

Peter: Next up Sabine!

Sabine: A Special apparence by Monster Incorporated's boss, Mr. James P. "Sully" Sullivan!

James: A Gas Face can it be a smile or a smirk just like nerdy Randall was before he became a jerk, perkin like clockwork makes you feel like a stump so don't tempt thee on empty so fill 'er up!

Is i'm talking to all you cocos but are you loco?

Pass the credits just like a Bozo?

Monsters Inc., Guardians Of The Galaxy, and the Muppet Babies are just aces in a hole so let it go Queen Elsa give them The Gas Face.

Queen Elsa: BLAH!

James: Man if looks can kill, you like the host from a talk show bill but still is it crazy or is it funny?

Just like my good friend and partner Mike Wazowski.

From my friends reach for it just like a kitty cat unless your name is The Cheshire Cat, never ever trick or even a figure.

Jibanyan: EW! Gross!

James: Well that's another Gas Face victim.

Peter: Oh yes it is hey everybody go ahead and step to the mic.

James: Give a big shoutout to Mike Wazowski.

Golaith: (Blubbering)

Peter: Yo Sabine you done very good my girl peace.

Hey Princess Star Butterfly who gets The Gas Face?

Star Butterfly: Penn Zero gets The Gas Face, no joke.

Peter: The Lab Rats gets The Gas Face.

James: No Gas Face for Buzz Lightyear and The Space Rangers of Star Command!

Peter: No Gas Face for The Incredble Hulk!

Baby Kermit: But Kim Possible gets The Big Gas Face!

Kim Possible: (Screaming)

James: No Gas Face for Sheriff Woody.

Peter: No Gas Face for Monsters Inc.

Baby Kermit: Hey Missy! You know what your gonna get?

The Doctor: (Blubbering)


James: No Gas Face for Chewbacca.

Peter: What do we thinking about Ultron? (Blubbering)

James: TGOTG.

Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff: (Blubbering)

Peter: The Guardians Of The Galaxy does not get The Gas Face, but Nate Adams gets The Gas Face.

All: (Blubbering and Groaning)

Ashton "Ash" Ketchum: Get The Gas Face, get The Gas Face, get The Ga-a-a-a-a-a-a-s Face. Show 'em Pikachu!

Pikachu: (Blubbering) Pika.

James: Princess Snow White gets The Gas Face!

Peter: WHOA! (Blubbering)
Hey stop dissing the godmother of Disney Princess y'all.

Scrooge: (Groaning)

Sabine: BLAH!

Baby Kermit: Mickey.

Peter: Mickey, Mickey Mouse gets The Gas Face!

Mickey Mouse: BOO!

All: (Laughing) 

Peter: That's all. (Echoing)
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